Cafe Desserts & Coffees

Greek Yogurt w/meli - 5

Greek Yogurt w/meli and karidi (walnuts) - 5.50

Greek Yogurt w/Kidoni & Almonds - 6

Baklava Cheesecake - 6
New York style cheesecake baked with a phyllo and nut crust, garnished with additional honey, and walnuts.

Chocolate Mousse - 5
A chocolate lined waffle cup, filled with a sweetened strawberry puree and decadent chocolate mousse, granished with whip cream and strawberry.

Orange Shortcake - 5.50
Layers of moist sponge cake, with layers of citrus mousse and orange puree. Garnished with an orange reduction and whip cream.

Tuxedo Truffle Mousse Cake - 6
A layer of dark and white chocolate mousse floating between three layers and marbled white and dark chocolate cake topped with a chocolate ganache. Garnished with whip cream and chocolate.

Creme Brulee - 6
Rich custard infused with vanilla bean, topped with caramelized sugar, and strawberry.


9 Muses Frappe - 4

Espresso - 3.25

Cappuccino - 4

Fredo - 4.75

Latte - 4

Greek Coffee - 3.50 

Dammann Earl Grey, Chamomile, Jasmine Green, Mint Green, Black Tea - 4

Steamed Hot Chocolate - 3.50


The history of coffee is steeped in legend and romantic lore. It has been used as food, medicine, social ritual and as a symbol of hospitality. It has also been at the center of religious controversy, intellectual and cultural life. That is why here at 9 Muses we use illy espresso beans and Rizopoulos Greek coffee. “Stin eyia sas”


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